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» 42-19 (proceeding to death 死に行く)

Japanese Unlucky Numbers

It seems that every culture has lucky numbers and unlucky numbers. In Japan, four and nine are considered unlucky numbers because of their pronunciation. Four is pronounced “shi,” which is the same pronunciation as death. Nine is pronounced “ku,” which has the same pronunciation as agony or torture. In fact, some hospitals and apartments don’t have rooms numbered “4” or “9”. Some vehicle identification numbers are restricted on Japanese license plates, unless someone requests them. For example, 42 and 49 at the end of plates, which are linked to the words for “death (shini 死に)” and “to run over (shiku 轢く)”. The full sequences 42-19, (proceeding to death 死に行く) and 42-56 (time to die 死に頃) are also restricted. Learn more about unlucky Japanese numbers on my “Question of the Week" page. If you are not familiar with Japanese numbers, here is the page for "Japanese Numbers”.

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